She is not superior, enlightened, indestructible, brilliant, imaginative , or more responsible than a man.
Likewise, she is never less than him or another woman.

Every individual deserves to be shown respect, no matter what strata they hail from. This Women’s Day, Care For You, visited the women’s cell of Hindalga jail and conducted a very interactive session with the inmates.
CFU member, Geeta Kaddi beautifully encapsulated the essence of being a women via a talk in Kannada. She spoke about how self belief and determination to mend ways, will help the inmates lead better fulfilling lives.
CFU also pledged to help the inmates in skill development, thereby helping turn them into independent, mentally strong women.
Sweets were sponsored by CFU member, Suvarna and this joyous occasion showed us that no matter the circumstances, we are all sisters fighting similar prejudices.