On 13th January, 2020, the Care for You team organised an adventurous outing for 70 children; of which 13 were blind and 13 specially challenged to Magic Mountain, Lonavala. This was due appreciation and commendation for their efforts in painting more than 8,000 diya’s during Diwali.

After snacks, which they ate during the bus ride, they enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast and headed towards the rides. It was a joy to watch the awe and amazement on their faces looking at and enjoying all the rides.

The courteous and helpful staff ensured that the children were comfortable through the day. They continuously assisted the volunteers with the specially abled children.

After a delectable lunch, a thrilling 5D show was a treat for the kids.

After snacks they boarded the bus and danced throughout the journey home. Post dinner the children were safely dropped back to their respective orphanages.

Team Care for You