On 4th and 5th September, 2020, Ms. Purvi Puruswani conducted an interactive and fun online English phonic session for the children from Observation Home, Saraswati Ashram and Annapurna Mata Ashram, Alandi.

Ms. Puruswani voiced out the sounds of the 5 vowels and their signs and then went on to play a game with the children. She also explained the magic rule of letter ‘c’ and ‘k’ and conducted a 10 word test based on the magic rule.
She began the next day’s session with a recap of the previous day’s learnings. After which, she taught them to pronounce simple words through phonic sounds.
She made the entire session very exciting for the children. by holding a competition between the organisations.

Thank you to Ms. Puruswani for conducting such an invigorating session.

Team Care for You