Deaf people are often referred to as ‘deaf and dumb’ or ‘hearing impaired’, both of which are offensive terms. The most appropriate words adopted are ‘Deaf and hard of hearing’.They are therefore more likely to experience mental health problems and are placed at a higher risk of post natal-depression.

Considering this, we tried to arrange a fun and entertainment session for all those ‘Deaf and hard of hearing’ children. We are obliged and Thankful for your donation for event held on 04th February 2018 at Hindalga Park, Belgaum

CARE FOR YOU Belgaum team took these special children (‘Deaf and hard of hearing’) from AJAY Welfare Association, Kangrali -to enjoy a FUN evening at HINDALGA PARK, BELGAUM.  They enjoyed playing exciting games and delicious food like dabeli, chips…, sugarcane juice…and cupcakes. Though our children are unable to speak and hear, they enjoyed it breaking their limitless boundaries.