What better way to celebrate Lord Krishna’s birthday than with song, dance and Dahi Handi!
On this auspicious occasion, various knowledge and religious related activities were arranged for the girls by the Mentors of Maitree.
The girls danced to the songs in praise of Lord Krishna after which Bhajans were rendered by Rahul Sarda, Madhusudanji Sarda, Deepak Kabra, Avinash Bihani and Vaikar.
Adding to the joyous occassion, the girls were blind folded and made to break the Dahi Handi with a stick after which they were given prasad made of healthy ingredients.
The girls were overjoyed as this was their first time celebrating Janmashtami in this unique way. The efforts taken by the Project In- charge, Neha Dedgaonkar and Smita Sarda are highly appreciable.