English should be a ladder to climb and not a barrier

English should be a ladder to climb and not a barrier. 📶

A child who gets correct guidance and teachers right from the beginning can strive to be an English expert warrior. 🤺

Let’s support, let’s donate. Let’s promote learning.✊

BC Girls Hostel

👋 hello everyone!

🤝We need your support. Your support will help BC girls hostel to join educational classes, appear for their exams and make beneficial use of it.

📱For more details, do contact – 9822451769

Thank you.🙏

Smartphone Donation Drive

Mobile phones can be addictive.
Addictive to a child who wants to attend his/her online classes.

Today, there are so many students aspiring but so many who wish but cannot.

Education is a right but unfortunately not a possession.

Let’s help. Let’s support. Your old phone might help a child grow.

Boosting the children’s confidence and knowledge

Dear donors,

Care for You has been always been striving hard to set and meet goals when it comes to boosting the children’s confidence and knowledge.

After the successful engagement of the children for English module, we are now stepping towards taking 7th std tuitions for the underprivileged students in all the organisations. There are 25 children who need our support.

Like you have always been with us in all our engagements so far we need your support in paying the tuition fees for our teacher. The cost per month will be *Rs. 2500/-*

Please come forward and donate for a good cause!

Team Care for You

English Modules

Hello Donors,

English is a major business language in India.

Our orphanage children even though are talented, lack confidence in English.

So we have started teaching them English through modules.

Please come forward and  sponsor our expenses.

Team care for you

English Modules to develop English vocabulary and many more online classes.

🙏Hello everyone!

Technology is growing immensely with a great speed in this current era.

Laptops and desktops are now great in demand and we are the lucky once who can afford it.

If you can help us donating your laptops (old/new) we will be able to stand together in this new current era.

#Let’s donate, let’s grow✊

Maths and Science tution

Let’s help to educate these children… Join us!!