Shilpa Bhende

Shilpa Bhende

🎤🎤Hosted for CARE FOR YOU – ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2019 in capacity of an anchor as well as a volunteer🤗..

It was an absolutely amazing and funfilled Annual conference. We all had numerous takeaways from it. Valuable inputs, innovative ideas were discussed throughout the day. 👏

As Thomas Edison rightly said -“Vision without execution is a hallucination.” Now its time to implement and execute. We all motivated each other in various ways. Let’s work in the direction to achieve our dreams we’ve imagined for CARE FOR YOU!😇

No event can be made successful without collective efforts, however, there’s always a driving force and a leader behind it. Kudos and three cheers to our visionary – Ca Payal Sarda Rathi for striving each moment to make things happen as per plan. The way there’s a woman behind a man’s success, there’s a man behind a woman’s success too, so a huge thank you to Roshan Rathi for his relentless support always. Both of you simply rock. Thanksgiving won’t be complete if we forget the roots -Sarda Uncle and Aunty. Loads of gratitude and love to them for their selfless and noble intentions and actions.🤗🙌


Beautiful clicks by Roopesh Joshi..

‘Thank You Universe for Everything!!!’