Classical Sangeet Classes

The tala signifies as the time cycle and raga as the melodic framework.🎼

These are the two foundational elements of classical Indian music.🎙

As we sing, we sinc ourselves into the magic of music.💫

Let’s donate and sinc ourselves to promote classical music in the hearts of our students.✊


🤝We develop a deep connection with instruments. Those people will truly understand what that connection is.

Lets donate and tune in with their melodies🎶

Significance of 7 Sur.

🎼Significance of 7 Sur.💫

🙏SA – (for Agni Devta)

🙏RE – (for Brahamma Devta)

🙏GA – (Goddess Saraswati)

🙏MA – (God Shiv)

🙏PA – (Goddess Laxmi)

🙏DHA – (Lord Ganesha)

🙏NI – (Sun god)

If we can sing, we get the energy of all 7 gods. If we can support 12 children, we can give the energy of all 7 gods to all our 12 children and even more.

Singing classes for the 12 finalists of *” Hunt for the  Secret Superstars”*

Singing is a melody to express our emotions 🎶

Your donation will tune in our melodies to set a dream for the aspiring children.🙏😇

#lets make a difference✊

Help to orphanage childrens

Your kindness is someone’s hope.

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