Visual Cultural Event, Belgaum

In Total, 28 children from Siddharth Orphanage, Belagavi were treated to a visual cultural spectacle at the MLIRC centre on 26th October.

The army is a powerhouse of talent and was celebrating the 95th anniversary of Sharquat Day.

The one-hour programme had the kids sitting on the edge of their seats deeply engrossed in watching the displays unfold.

The programme showcased a few famous chapters from the Sharquat war of WW 1 via drama and documentary. The famed ‘Malkhamb’, ‘Lezim’ and ‘Jhanj Pathak’, acrobatics etc was also performed by a large troupe of soldiers.

The children were offered snacks by the army and were delighted to pose with the soldiers.

We would like to thank Lt. Col. Subramani for giving the children this opportunity to relive the glorious past.