Training Camp – As promised, we arranged the training camp for the 100 shortlisted children from the first round of auditions of ‘Hunt For The Secret Superstar ‘. On 22nd July, 2018, the selected children were trained in their respective fields, i.e. singing and dancing. we had invited 5 choreographers: Rohit Jaiswal, Victor, Sagar, Sandeep and Ganesh for the dance sessions and Pawan Naik, Angad Gaikwad and Bhushan Malu Withe on the keyboard/ Music System for the singing practise sessions. The children enjoyed practising the entire day with their mentors. Our deepest gratitude to all our supporters, volunteers, mentors and sponsors. A special thank you to Vivekanand High School for granting us their premises for the day. We would also like to thank Mr. Dilip Katariya for keeping the children well fed. The second round of auditions are on 5th August, 2018, the energy is upbeat and the children are putting their heart and soul into the practise sessions.