On the exciting day of 29th May, our 6 finalists from ‘Hunt for the Secret Superstar,’ were taken for the Pune Auditions of Sur Nava Dhyas Nava hosted by Colours TV, Marathi:

Rahul Dolare,
Sakshi Narawade,
Chaitali Sakriker,
Sandhya Suryavanshi,
Jeevan Dube,
Ankesh Mavaskar.

We are utterly grateful to Mr Avadhoot Gupte, for helping our children to reach such heights and for being their utmost inspiration. We are indebted to him for providing us this opportunity to compete at higher levels.

The auditions went beautifully with all the children excited to sing in front of all the talented judges. We are eagerly excited to attain the results.

We hope to attain all your support to further refine their passion of singing!


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