Care for You, as a charity partner, was proud to be a part of Apla Pune Cyclothon, organised by Champ Endurance on 5th March 2023 in Balewadi, Pune. We encouraged a total of 100 students from 10 different orphanages to participate in the event.

Care for You, along with Champ Endurance provided customized jerseys, goody bags and snacks for all the participating students from the orphanages.

The 10 km ride was an enjoyable experience for all the kids. We would like to express our gratitude to Champ Endurance for arranging 100 cycles for our kids. We would also like to thank Nikita Vohra for providing special snack boxes to our kids after the event.

The event was beautifully captured by Raghu Itagi and Uday Joshi through their amazing photography skills. Their photographs captured the joy and excitement of the children and will serve as a wonderful memory of the event.

Lastly and most importantly, we would like to express our appreciation to Krishnaprakash sir, for all his support, Mr. Rahul More (Dy. Comm. WNCD), Mr. Param Anand and Mrs. Rupal Pawar from WNCD for supporting Care for You throughout this event.