*Care For You- Online Book reading session*

An intriguing book reading session was held on Saturday, 10th July for the children from WNCD organisations across Maharashtra and from our society.

This session was a Tribute to the legendary Late Mr. Dilip Kumar. Thus, his life story was narrated using an engrossing video and a visually appealing presentation from his schooling to him achieving the title of *’The legend of Indian Cinema.’*

The other story titled, *’The Boy who wants to get rid of his troubles,’* gave the children a very valuable and memorable moral that all the problems in life are like a gushing river. It educated them, that in order to move forward in life, we must have the courage and faith to cross the river and face our problems.

Children were introduced to new words and their meanings in English and Hindi during the session.

The morning culminated with a short and frank discussion with the children on the life lessons they learnt during the session.