As we know Navratri is the festival of Goddess Durga. It’s synonymous to the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil. Which also represents women empowerment and the strength woman has to fight and be victorious against the evil or unfair practices of the society. The victory is celebrated with songs, chantings of the goddess prayers,etc. But the most exciting part is the Dance form of this festival ‘Garba & Dandiya’. This culture is basically from Gujarat.

So to make girls aware of this festival and make them enjoy and celebrate it with enthusiasm we planned an Navratri event! Girls were first acknowledged about the importance of festival and also trained with the dance form for few days. On the day of event girls with their partners enjoyed Garba & Dandiya on various traditional songs. Smita Ghaisas mam also taught them ‘Bhondla songs’ which these girls enjoyed singing. Later they were served with snacks and sweets. The girls enjoyed it as it was their first experience of celebrating Navratri with Garba & Dandiya.