On 18th January, 2020, Mr Devidas Suse conducted an absorbing and interactive session on “The Winning Way.”

Mr. Suse began by asking the boys about their favourite cricketer, to which the answer was a unanimous Virat Kohli. Incidentally, Mr Suse was wearing a jacket that had once belonged to the eminent cricketer. He went on to speak about how hard work, dedication, discipline and a positive attitude towards life leads us on the path towards success.

Further on the boys discussed their hopes and aspirations with Mr. Suse. One of the children presented a rap written by him.
Towards the end the young adults were asked to meditate for awhile. They ended the session with a pledge to obey and respect their supervisors.

A sincere Thank you to Mr Suse for this delightful session.

Team Care for Juvenile Centre, weekly session – Pune