Care for you Team Event with Shilpa Bhende

On the 13th of June, Sunday, Care for you team members and volunteers were invited for interactive and informative session hosted by Ms. Shilpa Bhende.

Shilpa Bhende is a Celebrity Anchor, Image & Lifestyle Consultant. She taught the team members different techniques of voice modulation, self-image building, Projected-image, communication percentage like communication through body Language, words, voice tonality. The session was very interactive and engaging for the members.

She also spoke about gestures, hand movements & importance of expressions while talking. She also covered other aspects – the Elevators of life: self-love, dressing and grooming etc. which are really important for first and lasting impression.

It was exciting and informative evening with her. Big thank you to Shilpa for making this happen.

Team Care for you.