On 23 July’ 23, 183 children from Care For You Foundation took part in the incredible Apla Pune Marathon. With their beaming smiles and infectious energy, they truly illuminated the event and set the tone for a remarkable Sunday. Witnessing their enthusiasm and camaraderie was a beautiful reminder of the power of unity and the joy that sports can bring.
This was not possible without the strong support from various recognised personalities, Child care centres, volunteers and the entire Care for you team.

We would like to thank:
1. Dr. Prashant Narnaware- Commissioner
2. Mr. Rahul More – Deputy commissioner
3. Manisha Biraris- Asst. Commissioner WNCD
4. Monika Randhawe- District officer

Our strongest supporter IPS Krishna Prakash – Director General of Police

Team Apla Pune Marathon:
1. Sushma Koppikar
2. Ravindra Vaani

And our hardworking volunteers:

1. Grishma Wadia
2. Neeru Adhlakha
3. Brij Adhlakha
4. Keshav Sarda
5. Garima Singh
6. Anand Deshmukh
7. Rajendra Jagtap
8. Nilesh bhattad
9. Sneha Kabra
10. Devendra Vyawahare
11. Sujeet Malhotra

We express our gratitude towards
Uday Joshi, Gurpreet Singh for capturing this beautiful event.

Congratulations to all the young participants who made this day a memorable one. We hope to see these happy faces continue to light up many more events in the future.
We once again Thank all the teams involved for the smooth conduct of the event.

– Team Care for you