Care for You Foundation was blessed to have the opportunity to participate in the Annotsav event at Belgaum and be a part of such a prestigious platform. The children from the Nandana Makkala Dhama and Ajay Dum and Deaf Organization were able to showcase their talents through their dance performances.

Nandana Makkala Dhama is an organization that has been providing care for HIV-positive children for over two decades and has received national awards for its work. They provide shelter, food, and all the necessary medical health care for these children. On the other hand, Ajay Dum and Deaf Organization is a care center for special needs hearing-impaired children. They cater to 66 children, providing them with special education, food, and shelter.

Care for You is grateful to the Rotary Club, the President of the Rotary Club and the Event Chairman of the Rotary Club for providing such an energetic platform and sponsoring snacks and arranging adventure games for all children. The children were able to showcase their talents to a wider audience, and it was a truly an unforgettable experience for them. We also extend a special thanks to Shri Omprakashji Bhandari for his generous support, and to Ms Minal for sponsoring Brownie on behalf of her brand Shanbel, which added a special touch to the overall experience and made it even more memorable for the children. Also, special thanks to Jain school for providing conveyance to all children.