On March 18th, 2023, Care For You Foundation organized a webinar for all CCI children in preparation for their exam. The webinar was conducted by Anuradha Zanjurne, a certified study and career consultant, who provided valuable insights and techniques to boost the children’s confidence and help them prepare for the exam.

During the seminar, Anuradha conducted a special session on Exam Affirmation, emphasizing the importance of preparing for the exam not only academically, but also mentally and physically. She also conducted confidence-building exercises to help the children overcome their fears and anxiety.

In addition, Anuradha taught the children a meditation technique to help them boost their focus before appearing for the exam. Overall, the session was insightful and provided useful tips on how to prepare for the exam perfectly.

It is expected that the children will benefit greatly from the techniques and strategies taught by Anuradha, and will approach their exam with confidence and focus.