We are happy to share that on November 5, the Care for You Foundation celebrated Diwali with Girls of Solero Girls hostel, Amravati.

A unique way of celebration was done in Amravati by team Care For You. Girls of Solero Girls hostel were provided with Diya Painting material. These girls were taught Diya Painting and after packing these Diyas were sold in the market. No price tags, just a note of motive with the Diya and the people could pay the cost on their own.
The collected amount was then used to buy T- shirts, sweets and Diwali snacks for the girls.
They were filled with joy and enjoyed the returns of their hard- work. Girls rocked the ramp wearing their new outfits.
This was a fun and learning experience for them.
We thank all the donors, supporters and volunteers who contributed in the success of this event.

~Team Care For You