On 9th November📆
We celebrated our 10th foundation day with a great pleasure.🥳

Our team visited 10 cities 🗺
and strived to bring more smiles on our nation’s beauties.😇

🤩Now we wish to see the society coming together and spreading their feathers of a supporting giver.🤝

*Foundation Day Celebrations!*

Our team visited one orphanage from 10 different cities on the occasion of celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

Mumbai: The children’s orphanage was given aqua sure purifying system and the evening was spent with a lot of fun games and entertainment. A big thank you to Sampada Bhosale for  arranging it.

Bangalore: The children from the Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled were given books by Pandu Vitthal, and they were very generous to play a few games with the girls too!

Nashik: Payal Sarda donated grocery kits like milk and other crucial dietary needs to the children and women from the slums.

Ahmednagar: The team from Nagar, headed by Smita Sarda and Neha Deogavkar, visited an old age home to enjoy an evening of songs with the oldies! They were also given important medicines and supplements.

Amravati: Mr Sham Mantri and Mrs Rupali Mantri generously helped to donate a locker to the  and Dumb Relief Association in Amravati.

*Celebrations on 10th Foundation Day!*

9th November 2021— 10 cities 

Malegaon:  Jayashri Kabra and team generously donated plastic chairs to the orphanage of Malegaon. The children were extremely delighted to receive such a gift.

Belgaum: Sheetal Bhandari helped to educate a group of students by paying their admission fees for the year.

Akola: Deepali Jasmatiya helped donate grocery packets and a Diwan Bed to Anand Ashram.

Aurangabad: Mrs. Bharti Totala donated delicious sweets and beautiful clothes to the orphanage children of Aurangabad.

Pune: Monali Nagpure, Neetu Gupta, and Anushka organised a fun and dance competition and distributed grocery packets for 3 NGOs in Pune.